Ishwar L.

I met Ishwar in the Saint-Simon-Apôtre Park. I arrived by bicycle and crossed him and a young man of his family on their bicycles as well. They had stopped to take a double portrait with a cell phone. It was my first day attempting to approach strangers to seek their permission to take their picture. I was still nervous, even though two other persons had already said yes. I told myself that as they were already in camera mode, the contact would be easier and that at least the youngest would accept.

Wrong! It was Ishwar who generously agreed. The young man watched with curiosity but politely declined.

Ishwar is a retired real estate agent. He has been living in the St-Sulpice dsitrict for about fifteen years. Native of India, he has not returned there since his departure.  His family and his country are now here. However, he highly recommended that I travel to India, even suggesting that I make a grant application for an artistic training project! He then pulled out his cell phone to show me pictures of paintings by an Indian artist friend.

When asked to describe himself in one word, he said friendly. I would add that I found him to be an open-minded man.