Sophie T., David H. & Jayden

I met Sophie, Jacob and their son Jayden on Fleury Street East during the Promenade Fleury sidewalk sale. It was Jayden who first caught my attention that Sunday. He seemed to be enthralled by the musical performance of the guitar-voice duo formed by Clement Courtois and Julie Perron. As they were standing quietly, all three together, showing no sign of hurry at all, I approached them to ask for a few minutes of their time and the permission to take a photo.

Jacob is a native of Shawinigan, Sophie of St-Hyacinthe. They have been living in the Sault-au-Récollet district for two years. For Sophie, Fleury Street was the route of frequent walks during the period of her maternity leave. She appreciates the street for its activity.

Although they like the neighborhood, they will soon leave. The arrival of their child has prompted them to move to St-Hyacinthe to be closer to family members and become homeowners at an affordable cost.

Jacob and Sophie are creative young entrepreneurs. They are the founders of Productions 540, a company that describes itself as "the specialists of video, events and social media." You can learn more about them on their site:

Jayden seems ready to follow the footsteps of his parents on the road of technology. After the little family had posed for me, he showed a great interest for my camera. I handed it to him, pointing it at my face so that he could take his first picture.

But no, I will not show that one!

Sophie, David and Jayden on Fleury street east on a sidewalk sale Sunday