Ginette L.

Ginette is crazy. At least, this is what she replied when asked to describe herself in one word. An opinion to be verified!

I had casually walked into Le Reliquaire to see the latest arrivals of second hand goods. The store seemed more packed than the last time I had visited it, which possibly went back quite far in time. I asked the owner if, by any chance, the store had changed hands. The lady at his side replied that this was not the case, that he only had had his haircut. Alain, who actually had a shaved head, then exclaimed: "Wait, you're going to recognize me!” A moment later he reappeared with a blonde wig. I expressed the wish to take a picture, but it was rather the woman, Ginette, a regular customer of the place, who showed willingness to be photographed.

After chatting a bit, I learned that she was a native of Sault-au-Récollet, where her parents have been living for 51 years. She herself came back in the neighborhood three years ago for its atmosphere.

Just like me, she studied Graphic Design at Cégep Ahuntsic but did not complete the program. She had quit, carried away by love.

Today, she works in the same institution with people afflicted with serious intellectual disabilities. It may be her empathy for them that prompted her to declare herself mad...

Let’s say she may have a pinch of craziness, but mostly a lot of humanity! 

Ginette standing in the doorstep of le Reliquaire,  rue Fleury est