There are people for whom it is necessary to bend the rules. With a man named Tayaout-Nicolas, things could only be different! Tayaout-Nicolas is a native of Saint-Sulpice but lives in the Plateau today. He still returns regularly to what is still his neighborhood. Let's say he appears here as an honorary resident!

When I approached him, he was disputing his nephew a hot street hockey game one against one in the courtyard of the Saint- Isaac-Jogues School. At the time, I was only at my fourth photographic encounter and that I had not yet found the right vehicle for this website. Fate made me come across a professional photographer doubled with a trainer in a whole lot of software concerning the digital image. As he told me, type Tayaout-Nicolas on your keyboard and you will find me. He actually describes himself as photographist.

I should have seized the opportunity to have a pro take my own portrait and learn some tricks!

As I walked away, the match deadlocked at 6 to 6 resumed. I cannot tell you whether youth or experience finally prevailed.

Tayaout-Nicolas local hockey star!