Julie R.

There are sometimes strangers who are not totally unknown to us. Before I met Julie on the bank of the river from which she had just pulled out her kayak, I had seen a photo of her taken by Mr. Philippe Rachiele in the June 12, 2015 edition of the journaldesvoisins.com. In this photo, we could see her on foot on Somerville Street, pulling her kayak mounted on small wheels toward the river. Mr. Rachiele was probably not the first to photograph her. She said she had a talented photographer for companion during a period of her life.

Julie is originally from Sherbrooke, where she had already taken a liking to the water. Today resident of Ahuntsic, she has been living in Montreal for over twenty years. She would like to return to the Eastern Townships when she retires, possibly in a small cottage at first.

She has been working for many years at the head office of a major Québec firm as administrative assistant. Such a job being undoubtedly demanding, kayaking and the contact with the river are her ways to relieve stress. "It’s a lot cheaper than therapy!" she says.

The evening on the river must have been particularly pleasing that day: light wind, beautiful sky and no speeding motorboats to disturb its tranquility. Having myself paddled between the Beauséjour Park and the ARAC kayak rental kiosk behind the Sophie-Barat highschool, I can confirm that some Sundays are much less zen when motorized traffic becomes heavy.

It would be pleased to cross Julie’s path again this summer, but this time on the river.

Julie a few feet from the river in the Maurice Richard Park (previoulsy Stanley Park).