Noure C.

I hesitated a moment before approaching Noure, whom I met in the Parc de la Merci, near the Perry Island CNR bridge. She was cautiously filming with her mobile phone a crowd of geese and ducks in the river while her Sister Hiba was throwing food at them. When a seagull cockier than others flew very close to Hiba and disrupted her, the movie ended and I was able to talk to Noure without worrying about interrupting her.

Noure is studying humanities at CEGEP level in Montreal. Being a good listener, she leans towards the practice of psychology.

She was born in Casablanca, Morocco. Her family came here with the hope that she could be cured of a tumor in one eye. After some years and three operations for her, the whole family became fond of life in Quebec and is now installed here. After many moves, including some in Montreal North, she now lives in Laval with her mother, Hiba and another sister.

When invited to describe herself in a word, she thought for a moment and then replied: "A surprise box". She then explained that she does not like to feel the judgment of others and that her personality is revealed in its true light only when you take the time to know her better.

 She is unique.

Noure on the shore near Perry Island