Michel Olivier G., Anie-Pascale R. and their children

When I started this project, I had no preconceived ideas about the type of people I would meet. It was rather a desire to reach out to fellow citizens from different horizons that motivated me. It is in this spirit that I approached a young family enjoying ice cream on the benches of Fleury Street East on a sidewalk sales weekend. I introduced myself to them, looking for their eventual agreement, in the same manner I would have with other anonymous passersby seeming to have a little time for a chat and pictures.

The dark sunglasses of the parents, Michel and Olivier Anie Pascale, should probably have given me a hint about them. Perhaps some of you, more familiar with television productions than I am, would have recognized them. They are both career actors and both part of the distribution of popular series. I admit that I felt a little embarrassed to confess to them my ignorance about their achievements! Modestly, they hadn’t told me more. After a simple WEB query upon my return home, I found out that they have held several prominent roles in theater, in cinema and on TV. Anie Pascale is even a finalist for a Gémeau Award at the Gala to be held in September 2015!

Michel Olivier grew up in St-Sulpice district where his family lived until he turned 7 or 8 years old. He attended the Louis-Colin school. Today, he and Anie Pascale live in Ahuntsic with their children Clara-Rose and Rafaël.

I thank them all for their time and wish the parents a long presence on our screens.

The family on Fleury Street East